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The Burlington Storytellers' Guild

For the Furtherance and Enjoyment of Storytelling

“A smile is a light in the window of the soul, indicating that the heart is at home” Annonymus

Barb grew up in a large storytelling family. When the family wasn’t sharing stories around campfires or making each other laugh on road trips they were creating story material.

As the youngest of five, the only girl, ask Barb to tell you about her ride unaccompanied down a hill in the horseless carriage as a toddler under the care of her rambunctious brothers!

Barb’s love of stories, sense of fun and desire to help folks smile spills over onto her audiences. You never know when an interesting prop or some music will appear.

Throughout Barb’s years of teaching and volunteering with the elderly she has used stories to engage, entertain and teach.

Barb has years of experience as an entertainer and has stories for all ages and occasions. She is adaptable and can create a Program that best suits the needs of your audience.


As the wife and escort of Burlington’s Town crier she has begun to tell historical stories and will come in Period dress if requested.

What do folks say about Barb?



“You were amazing to-day. We were all captivated by your stories. The kids can’t wait to have you back”

K. Gradson Gr.2


“Barb is a mesmerizing storyteller for both children and adult audiences”

J. Massie



“Your stories made us happy. We hope you can come again.”

JK/SK Kings Road school


“I wish she would come back soon to tell us more stories”

Matthew age 4



“Intriguing, animated and entertaining with a gift for bringing stories to life”

B. Beamish



The message of your stories was perfect for our clients with physical and developmental disabilities. Your ability to keep all the clients engaged with their wide variety of cognitive abilities was wonderful.

C. Manders


Barb delights her audiences, always endeavouring to leave them smiling. She favours Folk Tales, Historic and Real Life stories and tells for day cares, schools, churches, conferences and in seniors’ programs and Assisted Living Facilities. She is a member of the Hamilton Storytelling Circle, Storytellers for Children , The Burlington Storytellers' Guild , Baden Storytellers' Guild and Storytellers of Canada

Contact: [email protected]