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The Burlington Storytellers' Guild

For the Furtherance and Enjoyment of Storytelling

Bob has been telling stories all his life. (In his earliest years, telling stories proved to be an invaluable skill for escaping unpleasant consequences for childhood adventures... and misadventures!) Bob has been Storytelling professionally for over forty years. He has told in a variety of venues including concert halls, churches, schools, street performances and prisons. Bob tells from a wide repertoire of folk stories, legends, biblical stories, tall tales, and personal experience stories. He particularly enjoys sharing his personal experience stories because of the way they ignite storytelling in the people that hear them. Over the years, Bob has also provided many Storytelling workshops and courses for novice to experienced tellers including a university course called, The Art of Storytelling at York University, Toronto. A retired Elementary teacher and administrator, Bob’s passion for telling stories and creating community through storytelling has only deepened.