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The Burlington Storytellers' Guild

For the Furtherance and Enjoyment of Storytelling

I have had the most wonderful career! I taught secondary school drama for 38 years and instructed drama at Brock University for 15 years. My storytelling roots are steeped in the east coast tradition of Nova Scotia. Storytelling has been a passion of mine for 25 years. I am a published author of short stories on which I have developed into oral tales.


It is inspiring to help others become tellers and learn to appreciate the art of oral tradition storytelling.


My experiences and resources are offered to:

• help open the skills of storytelling with workshops on use of voice techniques

• implement workshops on writing one’s story and then learning to tell one’s story

• share stories that will touch the heart and mind about what it means to be human

• assist in the discovery of how to share family or personal stories

“Suzanne’s stories are beautifully told with a delightful cadence. From her own literary tales and east coast reminiscences to folktales, her stories touch a chord in the minds of her listeners. Thoroughly enjoyable!”

Contact: [email protected]